Setting Up Development Environment

JDK(Java Development Kit):

Java development kit is a software toolkit, which is used to develop java applications and applets.It’s like a complete craft set for java builders. The JDK bundles everything you need to develop Java software conveniently in one package.

The JDK contains a private JVM and few other resources such as an translator\interpreter (java) ,a compiler\ craftsman (javac), an achiever\ packer(jar), a documentation generator\scribe(javadoc) etc. to complete the development of a java application.

  • A Translator (Java) that understands and runs Java code.
  • A craftsman (Javac) that shapes the code into a form computers can read.
  • A packer (Jar) that organize java classes and interfaces into groups. This helps code more easier to understand.
  • A scribe (Javadoc) that creates easy-to-follow instructions.
  • It physically exists. It contains JRE and Development tools.

JRE(Java Run-Time Environment):

It is also known as JTE(Java Template Engine).

Java Run-Time Environment is a part of JDK,Which is used to execute java program.

It contains all the inbuilt packages ,Java library files (lang, io, util etc. all packages are present in JRE)and JVM(Java Virtual Machine).

Java programs are running inside JRE,But that programs are actually been executed by JVM.

JVM(Java Virtual Machine):

As the name suggests JVM is a virtual machine.It does not exist physically.The JVM is like a computer inside your computer that runs java programs.It converts java code into a language your computer can understand.This means you can use java on any type of computer, Whether it is mac, os, or window. when you write a java code, it’s changed into bytecode(.class) ,which the JVM reads understands what your java program says.It contains other important parts like the Class loader,which loads class when necessary, and the Garbage Collector,which cleans up stuff your program doesn’t need anymore.

JVM performs the following main tasks:

1. Loads code

2. Verifies code

3. Executes code

4. Provides run-time Environment

IDE(Integrated Development Environment)

An IDE, which stands for Integrated Development Environment, is essentially a software workshop that provides programmers with all the necessary tools in one user-friendly interface to craft and refine their software projects.It brings together essential tools for coding—like a code editor, debugger, and compiler—into one streamlined interface, simplifying the entire development process.

here's a comprehensive guide to the 10 best Java IDEs and editors, catering to various levels of expertise and project requirements.

Best Java IDEs and Editors in 2024 for java Developer

Note: To download any of the IDEs above,simply click on your choice to be redirected to its official website.

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